Round Peak Banjos  & More

Click Here for a website I developed totally dedicated to Kyle Creed, "The Man and His Music"

Welcome to the official website of Round Peak Banjos, near the Blue Ridge Parkway in Galax, VA.

*As of  October 16, 2018, I am currently building banjos on a limited basis, I have been dealing with several health issues for the past few years that limits my time in the shop. I am not currently taking orders at this time and only building for direct sale thru this website as I complete the banjos. Also, if you are interested in my banjos please message me your contact information and I'll put you on my e-mail list and get in touch with you when I complete a banjo to see if you're interested in purchasing the banjo. No Instruments with Mother of Pearl or Abalone inlays shipped outside the U.S.A. due to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Import/Export licensing and fees.

- Kevin Fore