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Note: Formica used on this model is reclaimed from old countertops from the 1950s – early 1970s. This pattern of Formica has been out of production for many years. Round Peak Banjos is always on the lookout for more vintage Formica.

*As of October 12, 2017, I am not accepting banjo orders at this time.  I'll be building banjos for direct sale only. Check back here periodically to view banjos for sale.            
- Kevin Fore


- Fretless Formica fingerboard neck with slotted peghead

- Cherry

- 11” rim, 2 5/8" deep with rolled brass tone ring

- 25” scale

- Waverly slotted peghead guitar style tuners with standard banjo 5th peg

- 5/16” dual coordinator rods

- No Knot tailpiece

- Handmade 2-footed bridge

- Case not included

- $2,000 USD

The "Lowgap" Model